The Palms at Lake Whitney

RV Insurance: Understand What Policy You Need

RV Insurance: Understand What Policy You Need Are you excited about hopping into your RV and cruising to an unknown destination? Sounds wonderful, right? Now, before you step on that gas, you must understand that driving out there can be unpredictable. And there’s a crucial decision to make before getting started if you’re to make […]

Upgrading Your RV To Maximize Your Adventure

Upgrading Your RV To Maximize Your Adventure You hit the road in your RV for that unmatched freedom – to go wherever you want at any time. But if you’ve chosen life on the road, there are a few things that go a long way in ensuring the comfort and convenience of home no matter […]

Exploring Texas State Parks

Exploring Texas State Parks The beautiful town of Whitney, Texas, is an escape for nature lovers who want a break from the hustle and bustle of their hometown and daily routines.From ancient dinosaur tracks to lush forests and tranquil lakeshores, each state park promises a unique and unforgettable experience. Let’s explore how these Texas State Parks near […]

RV Appliance Maintenance: What to Do and When

RV Appliance Maintenance: What to Do and When Your RV is a key to freedom – it lets you explore the country, visit family or see the sights without compromising comfort. But an appliance failure can stop a trip in its tracks. Proactive maintenance for the appliances in your RV can keep you from spending […]

Luxury RV Living: Discovering The Amazing Amenities of RV’s

Luxury RV Living: Discovering The Amazing Amenities of RV’s When you think of camping, even “glamping,” you still think of roughing it. Even if you’re in an RV, you have to settle for limited creature comforts, right? The truth is that luxury RV living offers every amenity of everyday life, perhaps even more. In this […]

Difference Between An RV Resort, RV Parks & RV Campgrounds

Spot the Difference: RV Campgrounds, Parks, and Resorts The reasons why people go RVing are varied and numerous. It could be that what attracts you the most is the overall freedom that comes with it or the search for new adventures. Perhaps it’s all about having remote work opportunities or simply looking for a new […]

Discover the Freedom of Roadschooling in an RV

Discover the Freedom of Road Schooling in an RV Most people remember school days filled with rigid routines. We remember the ringing bells, standing in lines with classmates, raising hands to use the bathroom, sitting at desks, and not being allowed to talk. Most people also remember the stress and fear, the discomfort and anxiety, […]

What is a ‘Big Rig Friendly’ RV Park & What Qualifies It As Being One?

“Big Rigs” aren’t just semi trucks and other large commercial vehicles. They are any type of RVs that exceed 40 feet in length, and with extra space comes extra responsibility. One of these responsibilities is finding the ideal campsite with “big rig access.” These campsites allow for enough room and maneuverability to safely accommodate the vehicle on the […]

The Ultimate Guide To Traveling With Your Furry Companion

 Road trips with your pet can be incredible. Plus, for many of us, even the mere thought of leaving our dog(s) behind is stressful. Thankfully, RVing offers the perfect solution. Traveling in an RV allows you to bring your pets along on your adventures. It just wouldn’t be the same without them. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a […]

Solar Eclipse at Lake Whitney 2024

The Best Viewing Experience for the April 2024 Solar Eclipse in Texas A solar eclipse is an enigmatic, captivating sight that draws the attention of people all over the globe. And with a total solar eclipse coming to Whitney in less than a year, it’s time to prepare your plans so you can have the best experience […]