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RV Appliance Maintenance: What to Do and When

Your RV is a key to freedom – it lets you explore the country, visit family or see the sights without compromising comfort. But an appliance failure can stop a trip in its tracks. Proactive maintenance for the appliances in your RV can keep you from spending lots of money on emergency maintenance or ending a trip prematurely!

Water Heaters

You can check your water heater through the vent in the exterior access door. Look for debris that could compromise your fuel line and create a dangerous situation. Check for leaks and rust as well as debris before major trips and have a technician do a yearly check.

Air Conditioners

Check your air conditioners for debris regularly! This is one way to keep your air conditioner in good condition. Change your filter once a year and contact a technician if something is wrong.


Even if you’re not using your RV, it’s best to light the furnace once a month and have it professionally serviced yearly. If you’re bringing your RV out of storage, “bleed” the system by lighting the stove before using propane appliances. If it takes a while, wait 15 minutes before trying again.


Maintenance for refrigerators should be conducted on a yearly basis. After a trip, defrost your RV fridge – this will help you save on electricity and extend the lifespan of your fridge! Have something to catch the water and towels to wipe it up as it defrosts! If your RV is in storage, it’s
best to leave the refrigerator door slightly ajar to avoid unpleasant odors. Learn more about RV fridge maintenance from Broadmoor RV!


Your RV’s oven is probably a propane system, so you need to make sure the system is clean and clear of debris. If you have debris, you could find yourself with a dangerous leak. Check thoroughly once a year and before and after any long trips.

If you want more details about appliance maintenance in your RV, check out this article from
Lazy Days or Trailer Life!

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