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Luxury RV Living: Discovering The Amazing Amenities of RV's

When you think of camping, even “glamping,” you still think of roughing it. Even if you’re in an RV, you have to settle for limited creature comforts, right? The truth is that luxury RV living offers every amenity of everyday life, perhaps even more. In this post, we’ll explain the features, perks, and expected amenities of luxury RV living.

So, What Makes an RV a “Luxury RV”?

If you think the only way you can experience a luxury RV is to purchase an incredibly expensive tour bus, think again. Luxury RVs can be trailers, fifth-wheels, or motorized. What makes an RV go from standard to luxury can include lots of space when you pull out RV sliding sections and beautiful furniture and appliances like you would have at home. Some luxury RVs can have really spectacular features, like a special section to tuck away your sports car. The $2.1 million Volkner Performance S also has a rooftop deck that can seat up to 8 people.

In short, those who purchase luxury RVs can expect to experience something like a high-end hotel or an exquisitely furnished vacation home. Despite being small enough to drive on the road, these innovatively designed vehicles can expand to over 700 square feet. Some, like the $1.7 million Earth Roamer HD, have four-wheel drive and can take on almost any terrain despite having a spacious interior that looks like a cozy cabin.

Overall, the thing that really distinguishes a luxury RV is its quality of construction. Everything will be engineered, designed, and implemented with the greatest care and the highest quality materials. You can expect glitz in the form of solar panels, surround sound, heated floors, and more. Everything will be big: the beds, the TVs, and yes, the price tag. If you have $2.5 million to drop on a Marathon Coach, you will have multiple TVs, high-quality wireless internet, brand-name appliances, and handmade glass sinks in the bathroom. The bathroom also has a full-size bathtub.

The truth is, there’s almost no limit to what a luxury RV can contain, only your budget and your imagination will draw the line. Celebrities have commissioned truly sumptuous temporary lodgings trimmed with the finest furniture and decor. Luxury RVs can start at about $40,000, and you can enjoy your home away from home anywhere the road takes you.

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