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Spot the Difference: RV Campgrounds, Parks, and Resorts

The reasons why people go RVing are varied and numerous. It could be that what attracts you the most is the overall freedom that comes with it or the search for new adventures. Perhaps it’s all about having remote work opportunities or simply looking for a new kind of life that allows you to experience other people and places.

Whether you’re new to RVs or have been living the RV life for a while now, understanding the difference between RV campgrounds, parks, and resorts can help you have a better experience during your next adventure.

Where To Park Your RV

Depending on your destination, choices may abound for places to park your RV. But how can you pick the best option for your needs if you do not understand what sets each apart?

Below, we have compiled an overview of each to give you a sense of what you can expect

RV Campground

Usually, an RV campground is the more rustic (aka basic) of the options, providing a paired-down traditional camping experience. They also offer tent camping and limited amenities such as showers, restrooms, picnic areas, and grills.

Nowadays, many RV campgrounds also provide water and electric hookups. Campsites can be simple dirt pads and may not be large, but they are more than enough for an enjoyable stay

Something that distinguishes a campground from the two other options is that they are usually owned by State or Federal entities.

Each campground compound differs from the next, but a unifying trait is their propensity to be less costly than RV parks and resorts. But this cost-effective quality doesn’t mean RV campgrounds aren’t worth considering. Some can be quite spacious and very well-kept—a good
bang for your buck.

RV Park

Unlike an RV campground, which welcomes RV and tent campers alike, an RV park is more akin to an RV resort in that it only caters to RVers.

Designed primarily for overnight stays (though campers can stay longer), an RV park offers fewer amenities than a resort and campsites that can be smaller and may only come with limited hookups.

Amenities at an RV park may not be as luxurious as their resort counterparts. Still, comfortable restrooms, showers, laundry facilities, grills, and picnic areas will cover your basic needs.

RV parks are generally more affordable than RV resorts, a happy medium between a campsite and a resort.

RV Resort

The upscale option, RV resorts have more luxurious amenities, including swimming pools and hot tubs, fitness centers, restaurants, and even access to golf courses.

Going from nice to lavish, RV resorts typically offer generously sized and well-maintained campsites with full hookups. Some of them may even have concrete pads with landscaping.

Being more costly than the other options, RV resorts generally attract retirees and other RVers interested in a more ritzy camping experience.

Other Things To Consider

When staying at a campground, ensure they can accommodate RVs. If, by mistake, you enter a conventional campground that only allows tent camping, you risk getting an antenna stuck on a tree branch or may be forced to find last-minute accommodations.

As with everything nowadays, always do your research, read the reviews, and check out whatever photos are available online.

We hope you found this article helpful and that your future RV adventures will exceed your expectations now that you know how to spot the difference between RV campgrounds, parks, and resorts.

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