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Discover the Freedom of Road Schooling in an RV

Most people remember school days filled with rigid routines. We remember the ringing bells, standing in lines with classmates, raising hands to use the bathroom, sitting at desks, and not being allowed to talk. Most people also remember the stress and fear, the discomfort and anxiety, as well as the restlessness of sitting in a classroom for hours on end.
These days, parents don’t have to be on board with sending their kids off to have the same experience that they had. In fact, many are actively looking for something different.
They want their kids to have more freedom in their lives. They want their kids to enjoy and engage with their learning. And parents want to have more of a say in what their kids learn and be present during the learning process.
Many modern families are ditching the traditional classroom and other schooling models for something far more exciting, hands on and enriching, with Road Schooling.

What is Road Schooling?

Put simply, Road Schooling is Home Schooling on the road. Traditional schooling means a family’s days, weeks, months, and year are at the mercy of a school’s calendar. Whereas Home and Road Schooling frees up the whole family and allows learning to continue amongst people and settings far more suited to a child’s learning and development.

What are the Benefits of Road Schooling?

The benefits of Road Schooling are plentiful and vary between families and their situations, but the common ones we hear amongst road schooling families include:
  • More freedom to see and experience this amazing country, but not at the expense of their child’s education,
  • The opportunity for more hands-on learning experiences and,
  • A better connection is forged within the family.

Furthermore, the public school system in United States is considered broken by many parents. Many argue that there has been a shift away from traditional literacies and other core curriculum like math and science, and an unnecessary focus has been put on topics that don’t help students perform well on exit exams or on anything that they will face when they enter the work place. 

Taking this responsibility away from schools and making the shift to Home and/or Road Schooling is seen by many parents as a better alternative and way to take more control of their child’s learning.
This change in school setting is also seen as more beneficial to children too, as mask mandates don’t apply inside the family home or RV.

What are the Benefits of Road Schooling?

The costs associated with Road Schooling vary but are closely aligned with those parents can expect with Home Schooling. Typically speaking, this amount would be far less than what they would pay to send their child to a school.

Some purchases that need to be considered may include:

  • Access to Wi-Fi (for online curriculum)
  • Technology (laptops, tablets etc.)
  • Field trips and other extra-curricular activities,
  • Subscriptions to online curriculum services and,
  • Workbooks and other stationery.
Many Road Schooling families say they set aside $700-$1,800 per child for their education annually.

Road Schooling and Homeschooling Stats

In the last few years, Road and Home Schooling have gained in popularity particularly in the states of Nebraska, North Carolina and Vermont.
Statistics also show that the trend toward Home or Road Schooling is not a one off. According to the NCES (National Center for Educational Statistics), between 2000-2016 the number ofhomeschooled children in the US nearly doubled to 1.7 million. As mentioned, it has skyrocketed another 2 million since 2020. Private schooling saw a 4% decline in the same period, a further indication of parents taking over the educational responsibilities of their children.
The success of this is far reaching, but one particular statistic we can point to on the success of Home or Road Schooling is that according to a 2015 study run by the National Home Education Research Institute, there was a 15-30 percentile point increase in scores on standardized tests by Home or Road Schooled children in comparison to their Public School counterparts.
In conclusion, if traditional schools and education models don’t align with how you want your family to live, then Road Schooling may just be the perfect alternative. It allows the whole family to embrace the freedom of the open road and outdoors, without depriving their children of an education.

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