The Palms at Lake Whitney

“Big Rigs” aren’t just semi trucks and other large commercial vehicles. They are any type of RVs that exceed 40 feet in length, and with extra space comes extra
responsibility. One of these responsibilities is finding the ideal campsite with “big rig access.” These campsites allow for enough room and maneuverability to safely accommodate the vehicle on the site, as well as other campground amenities.

“Big Rig Friendly” grounds should have no low hanging branches that could damage the vehicle, no narrow turns, plenty of space for vehicles over 40 feet, and be easy for parking the vehicles around in. According to RV Geeks, “‘big rig access’ is supposed to mean that you’ll be able to approach the campsite and pull in or back in as needed, safely.”

National Parks To Avoid With A Large RV

There is a long list of National Parks and roadways that big rigs are not permitted to enter and it’s not always the easiest to find actual big rig-accessible areas in the most scenic environments. According to Mortons on the Move, “To stay at a national park, you’ll need to plan about six months in advance.”


The Palms Welcomes Oversized RV’s

The Palms at Lake Whitney is considered a “Big Rig Resort,” which can accommodate the largest rig out there. Experience the ultimate RV getaway at The Palms at Lake Whitney RV Resort. With 48 spacious concrete sites, ranging from 75 ft. long X 25 ft. wide to 67 ft. long X 14 ft. Each site comes with full hook-up, 50/30/20 amp electrical, water, sewer, Wifi, and DirecTV. Whether you prefer back-in or pull-thru sites, we have options to accommodate your needs. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any obstacles for your ‘big rig’ – just beautiful palm trees swaying in the wind. Book your stay today and enjoy a serene RV adventure at The Palms.”