The Palms at Lake Whitney

While RV travel was once thought of to be a retirement bucket list item, RV travel has now become a vacation that all ages enjoy. From the flexibility of visiting National Parks to relaxing on the open road to making anywhere a destination, RV travel is an appealing way to embrace an adventure trip. Those are only some of the reasons why there is a rise of younger demographics choosing RV travel, but there are many more draws that might pull you into this vacation option too.


First things first, what qualifies as a younger demographic?

You may not see an RV on the highway every day, but according to the Go RVing RV Owner Demographic Profile, 11.2 million households owned an RV in 2021, and 22% of those households were people between 1834 years old. The following year, in 2022, Progressive conducted a study of more than 500 Americans who own, use, and even live in an RV. Progressive found that half of the surveyed population was between the ages of 1844, and the formally large group of retirees that chose RV life was dwindling, with only 18% of the population falling above 65.



Why is the younger demographic choosing RV travel?

The flexibility of remote work

Since the pandemic, many millennials have yet to return to the office, whether they are working in a hybrid environment or are fully remote. RV Business also reported on Progressive’s study and found that 54% of surveyed RVers were currently remote, with 59% of this population being between 3544 and 70% being between 2534. The ability to work from anywhere has allowed Millennials to truly work from anywhere.

The opportunity for adventure

According to Forbes, Millennials, and Gen Xers comprise ¾ of campers across the United States, as reported in a 2018 North American Camping Report from Kampgrounds of America (KOA). One of the draws of camping for this population is the ability to explore National Parks within the park itself. An RV provides a comfier camping alternative, with added amenities, that still allows for adventure. This younger demographic can wake up right within a park, ready to explore on the ground with excitement.

The freedom that comes with this travel

For those younger RVers with children, traveling in an RV allows families to continue schooling on the road. With more parents working remotely, more families are embracing this educational freedom with RV travel. In Progressive’s study, 77% of households with parents ages 3544 travel with their children. Of this, 19% of children within the RV families surveyed were homeschooled, and 49% of children were taking remote classes.

The petfriendly aspect

In RV Business account of Progressive’s study, only 19% of surveyed RV families don’t travel with a pet. For this younger population, pets are a critical part of their family, and incorporating their pets into their travel is essential. Many RV campsites have become more petfriendly, but RVs themselves allow for space and convenience to bring your pet along for a vacation.

As you start to plan out your RV adventure, makeThe Palms at Lake Whitneyone of your stops. The Palms at Lake Whitney is the premier RV park in the Lake Whitney area. When you visit The Palms, you can expect to experience a familyfriendly atmosphere and convenient access to a multitude of amenities as you enjoy the stunning views of Lake Whitney. While you’re there, you can take advantage of the storage facilities, let your pet enjoy the onsite dog park, unwind during campfire gatherings, dive into our refreshing swimming pool, and utilize onsite laundry facilities. Whatever your RV needs are, The Palms at Lake Whitney is equipped for your setup with full RV hookups complete with 20/30/50 amps, and back-in and pull-through spacious RV sites, measuring 75 ft x 24 ft and 67 ft x 14 ft. At The Palms at Lake Whitney, we can’t wait to welcome you and your family to our exceptional park!